I provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy to children and adults.

Your interest in psychotherapy means you want to make sense of yourself. This is self-knowledge, an ideal which the ancient Greeks prized and the ensuing centuries preserved, an ideal you may instantly recognize unless you buried it long ago. Whatever your level of awareness, self-understanding is the answer to what troubles you. Here’s why and how.


My Approach

I work with all ages. I see first-hand how human relationships shape defenses, the self-deceptions that help us stay balanced, but muddle self-knowledge. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, steeped in developmental understanding and supported by scientific research, offers you a restorative relationship; it’s your second chance to develop. Learn More


Psychotherapy for Adults

Symptoms, like anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, are windows into your inner life, signs of things you don’t yet know about yourself. Psychotherapy is a rigorous education in the history, physics and poetry of your internal world. Read More


Psychotherapy for Children and Parents

Parents call because their child seems stuck (for example, anxious, depressed, impulsive, learning inhibited or solitary). I respond selectively to each situation, with parent consultations, child evaluations and child psychotherapy, as needed, to promote the child’s growth and strengthen family relationships.

Discover More

I also work with infants and their parents, and with families.